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    The results speak for themselves, the rest of your life.

    The MindBody Imperative

    is an umbrella designate for:


    The School for

    Integral Mind-Body Training;

    Chang Chuan Long Fist Assn of Costa Rica;

    Kuang Ping Village Style TCC Association;

    Distance Training via Videos & Books.








    Integrate body and mind

    is what sages, monks, warrior-kings, and hermits have always sought--and we train to do the same, so that we can get on with trekking up our chosen mountain.

    Train the three higher human functions:

    The most efficient path toward vitality & clarity combines breath work/chi kung; concentration exercises; and mind-body movement. Cultivating and nourishing vitality directly on the level of personal energy is the realm of this school.

    The instruction includes:

    Integral Mind-Body Movement - Tai-Chi Chuan, Shaolin Chuan, Shing-yi Chuan, Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen (Bodhidharma’s teachings);


    Professional Teacher Training – Tai-chi Chuan, Chang Chuan Northern Long Fist, Ancient Longevity Arts;


    The Good Health-Long Life Program – exercise systems of health enhancement, breathing techniques, and energy control via slow movement (e.g. Chi Kung, Tao Yin).

    Evolution at Source

    Every one of the disciplines demonstrates the intertwining effects of a positive bio-feedback loop. Think of a healthy, evolving DNA strand…

  • Judge by the results:

    For thousands of years the Ancients generated vitality and longevity by combining breath work, mind-body movement, and concentration exercises.


    Seize the moment!

    The modern paradigm of comfort & convenience will kill you before your time. Get hold of your appetites and toss aside the lies of the modern age. Revitalize your body, awaken the mind. Escape the matrix, build your own paradigm. Take back your life.

    Teacher Training & Apprentice Programs

    Classical training is our tool. Hard work is the way to enter the gate.

    The Programs:

    • Northern Long Fist Shaolin
    • Kuang Ping Tai-Chi Chuan
    • Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen
    • Chi Kung
  • People & Places

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    Instructional mind-body training videos and books

    Balls Up! Head Will Follow.

    Salty's Line of Multi-Media...

    for getting head and booty in synch. A bonus effect: The birthing of a new, anti-cultural marxist, non-PC paradigm. Can't wait? Go here: You'll see a couple dozen instructional videos and books.

    The Association of Mind-Body Educators

    Advocates and facilitates

    integral mind-body training for mainstream culture, high instructor standards, and forums for master teachers.

  • Our Core Values

    as expressed in our passion, literature, film, and projects

    Train Outdoors, Always!

    That's essential:

    These classical disciplines mature only with immersion in Nature.

    Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen

    Training methods from the Patriarch

    This book addresses how to explore, generate and control energies not usually available to humans. 190 photographs and step-by-step instruction in two of the most influential and powerful training systems ever handed down: Shipalohanshou/18 Methods of the Enlightened Ones and Yijinjing/Muscle-Sinew Changing.

    Available as kindle or mobi files, and in hardback from Amazon.com and Lulu.com

    World Congress of Mind-Body Educators

    World Congress of Mind-Body Educators - 2020

    Theme: Evolution at Source

    Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
    February 2-9, 2020

    longevity  teacher training

    Longevity Training

    Be strong, lively and limber til you croak!

    If you follow mainstream paradigm, you die when they don't need you no more. Get real and get crackin'! Wanna teach? Ol' Ed's got a program for you. Sign up now before he croaks!

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